Piano Project – Delivered

Piano Project - Delivered

This is an image of the piano I artistically refurbished for Sing for Hope pianos 2013. I received an email from them yesterday stating my piano had been delivered to its new home that afternoon! I had been unsure if it had even found a home. Happily it did. VISIONS in NYC, the Chelsea section of Manhattan to be exact. Perhaps it was chosen for its textural surface? Perhaps it was chosen at random? Perhaps it was chosen for the black and white composition? I may never know. What I found more interesting at the time of this news was this: My piano now lives at a location I use to walk by five or more times a week. Now I am nowhere near that location. Well at least it has a home and is being loved. And is being a piano.

Featured Piano

I am excited to share that my piano for Sing for Hope was written about in the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Art and Design blog! Here is a link to the article that features some great photos of my piano.

Also please note that the pianos will all be on the plaza at Lincoln Center on Sunday, June 16. A great way to see all 88 pianos at once!

Piano Lincoln Center

Amy’s Sing For Hope Piano

Here are some photos taken by Richard Heaven from my visit to Van Cortlandt House Museum, temporary home of my Sing for Hope piano. If you get a chance give it a visit it is there till June 15 16, 2013. Everyday you can visit it until 6pm.

UPDATE: Just found out that all of the pianos will be removed from their location some time during throughout the day on the 15 (this may be not until 7 or 8pm, but may be earlier). There will be a closing celebration on Sunday, June 16 on the Josie Robertson Plaza at Lincoln Center. So if you cannot make it to the Bronx you have another chance in Manhattan to see all 88 pianos at once!

richardheaven's Blog

Sunday, June 2nd I, along with the love of my life, Amy (who was commissioned, along with 87 other artists to put their artistic spin on a piano) went to Van Cortlandt Park in Riverdale, Bronx and visited the Van Cortlandt House Museum to see her Piano. These aImageImageImageImageImageImageImagere some of the photos taken that lovely day!

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