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Last night I attended the reception for the Sketchbook Project 2012 at the Brooklyn Art Library. It was a lot of fun. The concept is simple. You get a free library card, check out some sketchbooks, look at the art, hand them back in. Done. The only thing is books are not allowed to leave the premises so make sure you allot more than 5 minutes because you will want to keep checking books out!

Okay I admit it. I checked out my own sketchbook. How could I not? Especially since it is now in their permanent collection. Below are some pictures of me from last night enjoying my sketchbook (yes I checked out other books too:P).

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I put all my drawings into my sketchbook. Now it is officially ready for me to pack it up. Which I will do and mail out this week.

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I updated my sketchbook project page to include this years images. Check it out and tell me what you think. https://amybauerart.wordpress.com/sketchbook-project/#

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I am participating in Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Tour 2012. For info check out their site http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject/exhibitions. The books are touring the country.

My theme is “Forks & Spoons”. Here is my book. When I have more images I will post them.

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Here is a drawing I did that I call “Swirl Walking”. I really like it. I did a reproduction of it for the sketchbook. It isn’t exactly the same, but the layout is.

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More Sketchbook

Here is another two pages from my sketchbook. They aren’t anyone in particular….. or are they?! For me to know and you to interpret


It was also officially discussed & decided today that my tree would be put in my friend Shannon’s yard. To document the natural recycling process.

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Another two pages

Here is two more pages from my sketchbook project. I scanned all the pages and I am going to mail it out tomorrow. With the time restraints, I think I did pretty well.

After tomorrow on to the canvases!

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So my sketchbook is coming along. Kinda glad the book is so tiny. Got a lot of pages to fill in such a small time.

I also signed up for the ‘The Canvas Project 2‘ last week. Looking forward to receiving my supplies.

I’ve attached two pages from my book in progress. One is a quick self

portrait of me and my new bangs and the other is of Carl. (Carl is holding a balloon)

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So Shannon got two sketchbooks (presumably a mistake of Art House) and I still had none. So she gave me her spare. I started it.
Then I checked my PO Box this morning. You know that my sketchbook was finally there waiting for me. ha ha Oh well. At least I have a bit of time to do something with it before I have to send it back.

Pictures to follow soon………..

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Sketch Pad

I signed up for http://www.arthousecoop.com/sketchbookproject today. It is gonna be fantastic. Art tour! What a grand idea. Can’t wait to receive my sketch book. Ideas are running rampant in my head!

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