A pile of snow

Friday was my Tree’s fifth year outside. A celebratory event was to take place. But alas Mother Nature did leave over a foot of snow on top of it. So we decided to post pone the events one day. This wasn’t going to happen. The image below shows the branches of the butterfly tree that my Tree is underneath. And the massive amount of icy snow that is currently covering the area. So… event rain check please! Good news is event documentation has been discussed. Event date to be determined.

My Tree is under there some where!

My Tree is under there some where!

Tree Winter 2013

Winter storm Nemo hit the north east last night and covered my Tree with snow. You can see in the picture below that a little of it is peeking out from beneath all that snow. Not even mother nature can stop the upcoming four year celebration! Stay tuned for in less then two weeks there will be a full update on the condition of my Tree. Slow recycling.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo's snow.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo’s snow.

October 2011 Snow

There was a bit of a nor’easter yesterday. My Tree is located in a town with a lot of snow and is covered. But Mother Nature has an extra challenge in trying to tear down my Tree this coming winter. There is a butterfly bush covering the top of the trunk like  a large hand catching the snow. Below are some pictures.