T-Shirt Bolero Jacket

To cover my shoulders in a spaghetti strap dress last night I cut up and transformed a t-shirt into a bolero jacket. No instructions or pattern. I just cut it up the front middle, cut off the bottom half and sewed on some scraps to cover up some words that were on the front of the t-shirt.


Possibly the weirdest & coolest thing I have ever gotten at a swap. A set of old Iron-ons from ? who knows when. Today I tested out one that I have no idea what it is besides a monster from someone’s mind. 🙂  The best part was to find out that they are re-useable!  Looks like I have some crafty ideas for the holidays!


For years I have been thinking about making my own underwear. Today was the day I finally did it. Partly because I was down to the last clean pair. So I chose a t-shirt made a pattern for boy short style underwear and got it on the first try! Here are some pictures of my new underwear. Note: I am not buying underwear any more. From now on I am making it. Will try different styles too. 🙂