Tag: Thoughts

  • Clicking ‘leave’​ or Networking as an introvert

    Someone messaged me via LinkedIn. Nothing unusual there. I get a few generic messages trying to get me to apply to jobs or go back to school. A few ongoing conversations with people I know in real life. The job ones I am like …. is this a real person? Is this a real job? […]

  • Sing For Hope Pianos

    Just sent in my application to be an artist for Sing For Hope. You can paint a piano! http://singforhope.org/the-sing-for-hope-pianos/ A little nervous because they may only be looking to have it painted, but I suggested painting and then to cover it in paper mache. I already know how I would seal the paper so it would […]

  • Portrait of a friend

    I drew a portrait of my friend James upon his passing in August 31, 2011 (wow has it been that long?). It was sudden, unexpected, and impactful on my myself and others. We all reacted differently and we are all still feeling the lose. It has brought us back into each others lives and has […]

  • Remembering a friend

    Caller ID is a helpful thing. You know who is calling and when to answer a call. It fills you with different emotions as you see the number/name flash on the screen. Excitement for your beau, a job interview, art gallery, your family. It can also cause the exact opposite. Unfortunately for me it was […]

  • Mail

    So I mailed off the canvases on my morning walk to work.  Now it is time to wait and see which one they choose.  Does anyone have any predictions?

  • HERE!

    So Shannon got two sketchbooks (presumably a mistake of Art House) and I still had none. So she gave me her spare. I started it. Then I checked my PO Box this morning. You know that my sketchbook was finally there waiting for me. ha ha Oh well. At least I have a bit of […]

  • PO Box

    So I didn’t check my PO box yesterday at lunch. I am glad I didn’t for this morning there was still no sketchbook. No note, no nothing. Well there was a letter from my auto insurance, but nothing I wanted. Maybe tomorrow.  And no I didn’t move my car yet. At least I have dinner […]

  • Empty PO Box

    This morning I forced myself to get up early and run some errands. One was to check my PO Box for the elusive sketchbook. A friend of mine received hers on Saturday, so I figured mine was waiting in the box. Or at least a note telling me to ask for it at the desk.  […]

  • Sketch Pad

    I signed up for http://www.arthousecoop.com/sketchbookproject today. It is gonna be fantastic. Art tour! What a grand idea. Can’t wait to receive my sketch book. Ideas are running rampant in my head!