4 Years

Today, February 21, 2013 is the official four year anniversary of my Tree being outside! Graciously my friend has allowed a paper tree to slowly decay back to nature the old fashion way. Or like anything in an episode of Hoarders. Although it may not be your typical rusty gold (American Pickers reference – can you tell what channels I watch on TV yet?) it is worth more than that to me.

2006 – I thought of the idea and shredded some paper

2007 – I put it all together and my Tree had it’s debut in an art show in Bloomfield, NJ

2008 – My Tree traveled for an art show in Jersey City, NJ

2009 – My Tree jumped off it’s three foot platform and got planted in Rockaway, NJ

2010 – Year 1 outside. It took seven months for the wind to knock down the top half of the trunk. Had a short move into a garden in the same yard.

2011- Year 2 outside. Moved out of the garden and next to a dog house in the same yard.

2012 – Year 3 outside. January 29 it fell. Started to flatten as the seasons passed.

2013 – Year 4 outside. The bark has totally disconnected from the base. Almost completely flat. Pictures below.

Inside the bark of my Tree

Inside the bark of my Tree

A view of the other side of my Tree

A view of the other side of my Tree

Closer view of base and bark of my Tree

Closer view of base and bark of my Tree

View of disconnected base of my Tree

View of disconnected base of my Tree

Aerial View of my Tree on 4 year anniversary.

Aerial View of my Tree on 4 year anniversary.

Tree Winter 2013

Winter storm Nemo hit the north east last night and covered my Tree with snow. You can see in the picture below that a little of it is peeking out from beneath all that snow. Not even mother nature can stop the upcoming four year celebration! Stay tuned for in less then two weeks there will be a full update on the condition of my Tree. Slow recycling.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo's snow.

The brim of my Tree is peeking out beneath Nemo’s snow.

Bug Tree

Just checked on my Tree today. It seems to have gotten shorter and is still not completely flattened. It has become a bug sanctuary, well it has been for over 3 years now. You can see the spider web on the inside. Bugs in it and underneath. I shared with my friends (who own the yard it is in) that the end is near. I may be helping my Tree along on its final steps. Give it completely over to the bugs in a way.

Tree Day

The latest visit to my Tree further revealed it’s strength. Down, but not flat.

Tree Christmas 2011

Went to visit my Tree on Christmas day and made a startling discovery. Why my Tree’s cement was showing! And now it is really at a severe angle. Will the 3 year outdoor celebration this February be the last? Will it be the end? Will my Tree make it to then? How do I feel about this? A remarkable journey through outdoor recycling. One that was thought to last 3 months at the most and has become an extension of 1 simple thought in 2006, “I’ll make a tree out of paper”.

Here are some pictures of the current state of my Tree.

October 2011 Snow

There was a bit of a nor’easter yesterday. My Tree is located in a town with a lot of snow and is covered. But Mother Nature has an extra challenge in trying to tear down my Tree this coming winter. There is a butterfly bush covering the top of the trunk like  a large hand catching the snow. Below are some pictures.

1 Year 4 Months

Just added another video of my mighty Tree. Check it out on my Youtube channel. For those of you following along. We are getting close to the 3 year anniversary of my Tree being outside and it is still (mostly) standing. Although it now has a lean it doesn’t look too much different then it does in this video.


Last night I started a twitter account. Next year I plan on fully focussing on sewing and my Tree. Late spring or early sumer I will be taking full advantage of twitter and starting an online store. So I have placed a twitter widget on the side bar and if you are interested in following me to get in on the creativity as it is unleashed upon the world you can @AmyBauerDesigns.  Just be warned as of this moment I have not “tweeted”, but that can change at any moment.  🙂