Wearable Art Fashion Show

On January 11, 2018 I entered a call for a wearable art fashion show with the theme of trees. The very next day I received a response saying my idea was accepted! Amazingly fast and super exciting. For the next few months I sewed and glued up a storm! First I created a full length gown styled in a 1940’s house coat or robe. Something you would throw on over a slip to answer the door. They had not given any size requirements, so I created it to fit me if I was several inches taller.

After it was sewn I then started to glue handmade paper bits all over it. It was an extension of my paper shirts series. I delivered it to the Lancaster Museum of Art and History on April 21. On Saturday, May 12 the dress was worn in their annual Mother’s Day Tea Fashion Show! Below are some pictures from the show!

Conceptual Environmental Revolution

The month of November flew by thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Conceptual Environmental Revolution, Thanksgiving, and moving.What’s that you say? The hurricane displaced me for two weeks (I was one of the lucky ones who lost no worldly possessions and still had a home to go back to) while I was in the midst of relocating said possessions. Yet with a holiday and a hunky helpful partner a revolution meeting still took place.

A Conceptual Environmental Revolution (CER) description:

Amy Bauer & Richard Heaven (Hecht)

Come to a conceptual environmental revolution meeting! Attend, View, Raid!
A peaceful playful expression in mixed medium drawings and sculptures.

The CER was held on November 17 & 18 and was part of the Hoboken Artists Studio Tour. It was in my studio! For the first year I was not a renegade and had an actual studio in the building I am usually always in. Here was one of the invitesĀ https://www.facebook.com/events/210728849058266/.

Here are some images from it.