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The open studio tour last Sunday was great. Got everyone coming and going since I showed in the hallway. May have been better than being in a studio. Although I would still like to have my own studio one day. A place where I don’t have to clean the glue off the floor if I don’t want to, even though I still will.

Here are some pictures from the event.

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Just added another video of my mighty Tree. Check it out on my Youtube channel. For those of you following along. We are getting close to the 3 year anniversary of my Tree being outside and it is still (mostly) standing. Although it now has a lean it doesn’t look too much different then it does in this video.

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I started a youtube channel for my art adventures. Uploaded first is the 1st video in a series of videos about my Tree. It really gives a full understanding of how my Tree was created. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and don’t miss out on other videos being posted shortly.


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Today I went to visit my Tree and took some pictures of it. It is still standing and doing rather well. Below are some pictures and hereĀ  is a link to a video.

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