Tree Project

Follow the progress of my recycled tree as it decays back to nature.

A solution to the growing paper waste accumulating in my apartment.

Full Circle: re-birth of a tree is my response to what to do with all the receipts you collect on weekly outings. Gas station, bank deposits, grocery shopping, junk mail, old art projects, etc. were torn to shreds and then repurposed onto cardboard cylinders to reform their original shape. A tree.

Then came the question of what to do with my tree. To keep the theme of my tree and to really come full circle I decided that I would put it outside to decompose. It would truly go full circle and be reborn. Luckily a fellow artist/friend loved my idea and cleaned up space in her own back yard.

The following pages are some of the pictorial documentation of my tree decomposing back to nature. (I say some, because there are thousands of photos being taken everyday. Plus the occasional video.)

So enjoy recycling at its natural pace.

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