Snow in the NE

As I enjoy warm weather days my Tree continues to thrive in the snow. Well sort of. In this picture you can see that it has been snowing in New Jersey. And my Tree is so flat now that you cannot see it at all in this picture! For those that would like some back up info on my Tree click on the tag Tree Project.

Snow in the NE


Piano Project – Delivered

Piano Project - Delivered

This is an image of the piano I artistically refurbished for Sing for Hope pianos 2013. I received an email from them yesterday stating my piano had been delivered to its new home that afternoon! I had been unsure if it had even found a home. Happily it did. VISIONS in NYC, the Chelsea section of Manhattan to be exact. Perhaps it was chosen for its textural surface? Perhaps it was chosen at random? Perhaps it was chosen for the black and white composition? I may never know. What I found more interesting at the time of this news was this: My piano now lives at a location I use to walk by five or more times a week. Now I am nowhere near that location. Well at least it has a home and is being loved. And is being a piano.